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15.5 is…

And here we are, the last WOD of this OPEN Season! More next year! Now, we have to do our very best and cheer for everyone advancing to Regionals!

And 15.5 is…

Some of our Coaches will be completing 15.5 before our Athletes, starting at 5:00pm! Come cheer for our Coaches!!!

***Acqua Hydrate is our Highlighted sponsor this week!***

2015 CFIV OPEN - 15.5

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2015 CFIV OPEN Overall Results – 15.4

2015 CFIV OPEN Overall Results - 15.4

Everyone has been doing such an amazing job! We are very proud of our Athletes.

A few of our Athletes were sick and were not able to be part of 15.4, but we are looking forward to have everyone competing on 15.5!!!

Don’t forget, on Friday, April 10th, we will have a Potluck to celebrate YOU, our Athletes that were part of our 2015 CFIV OPEN! Bring your Family, Friends and something to share, we will have a fun WOD starting at 5:00pm (4:30 & 6:30pm classes have been cancelled on April 10th).

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CrossFit Inland Valley - AlAL COBOS is our Highlighted Member this time! Al wanted to change his life, he wanted to do something that would make him feel better and have more energy. He travels for work a lot, however, he’s here, training, every day he can, as much as he can, and the results are visible! Awesome job, Al, keep it up! We are very proud of you, you are doing great!
It only depends on us!

***Willpower: the ability of a person to exert his/her will over the inhibitions of their body or self***

PROGENEX: We got a big shipment of PROGENEX, rush and get your supplements now!

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