Alright guys, because we are only hosting a 9 AM Class on Monday,
we wanted to post this so you guys can stay on track with your push-ups
even if you cannot make it in. Also, feel free to use it for Wednesday and Friday
if you cannot make it in those days either!photo

Day 1 is for Monday
Day 2 is for Wednesday
Day 3 is for Friday!

If you cannot make it to class on one of those day,
try to at least get your pushups done at home!
This will give you the MOST success for when we Re-Test!
Follow the chart above,
basing your sets off of the column
that represents your
MAX number of pushups
you completed on Monday, August 18
OR your estimated amount of Unbroken Pushups
you feel you can complete.

So, if you completed between 0-5 pushups for your max set, you follow column 1,
if you completed 6-10 pushpus, you follow column 2,
and if you completed any more than 11, you follow column 3!

Complete the number of reps listed for each set,
resting the amount of time listed at the top of the table between sets.

On your 5th and final set, complete max effort
(if necessary, ONLY resting at the TOP in a PLANK POSITION, with NO DEVIATION OF THE HIP)
or complete the minimum number as fast as possible.

I hope this helps you guys stay on track for your pushups,
and I look forward to seeing YOUR HUGE SUCCESS at the end of this!!

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